Tele - Max ... About us

The Tele-Max company was founded in 1997 and it is located in the heart of Poland (Wloclawek). We offer comprehensive sheet metal processing as well as a metal part assembly services. We want to be an active partner for manufacturing companies that use steel (both carbon and stainless), aluminum or brass/bronze parts in their products. Our equipment allows us to perform cutting, punching, bending, pressing, welding, deburring and machining. Our high production quality is ensured by very modern production technologies and processes, which are supervised by our experienced professionals. Thanks to many years of cooperation with our subcontractors, we are also able to offer galvanized and powder coated products. High quality of products is the foundation on which we build our position. High quality has enabled us to be a supplier to many renowned global companies. We export our products to Spain, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia and Hungary, among others.
Next to high quality of products our strength is:

  • high flexibility allowing for easy adaptation to customer requirements
  • attractive prices resulting from the organization of the company based on the "Lean manufacturing culture"

In 2019, the part of Tele-Max production was launched in a new production area in the Brzeska Economic Zone in Pikutkowo 37E. Most of the machinery was moved there from the company's basic location in Wlocławek at 28 Krzywa Gora Street.
In the same year, the Research and Development Center for Coating Technologies was launched in Pikutkowo. The R&D infrastructure launched there enabled industrial and development work to be carried out in accordance to the long-term Tele-Max strategy.
Currently, the R&D Center significantly enriches the company's offer by fulfilling the following functions for customers:

  • developing technologies for surface preparation and effective powder coating,
  • testing and validation of developed solutions in the Center's laboratory,
  • execution of powder coating orders in accordance with customer requirements.



Foundation of the company operating at the beginning in the area of technical support for the telecommunication and cable television industry (TP SA, SATFILM, Netia)



Expansion of activities through the introduction of a new production profile - metal parts for cable television. The beginning of cooperation with Philips Farel Mazury (Kętrzyn)


Taking over the facilities (975 m2) at Krzywa Gora 28, Wloclawek – ( current company headquarters)


Investments in modern machinery and equipment (with the help of EU funds PARP SOP ICE 2004-2006). Development of contracts with new clients in the area of construction and lighting industry



Further plant extension (total area – 1325 m2)


Implementation of Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000


Further investment in modern machinery and equipment (with the help of EU funds RPO 2007-2008)



Launch of the "Lean Manufacturing" program (5xS system, Statistical Process Control)

  • 5S
  • SPC w procesie produkcyjnym


Further plant extension (total area – 2421 m2)


Purchase of a laser cutter in Fiber technology



Purchase of land for further development of the company's potential


Launching construction works for a new production hall in the new location (economic zone). Beginning of the implementation of the ERP system. Strengthening the staff and reconstructing the company organizational structure


Completion of construction works for the new production hall. Purchase and installation of machines and equipment in the new location (10 kW laser cutting machine, CNC press break of 4m bending length, 5-axis turning center, digital measuring projector and others).


Launching a research and development center for powder coating. Further development of the production infrastructure (extra 650 m2). Feasibility study for a new location in Central and Eastern Europe.


Purchase of a large press of 250 tons.


Purchase and launch of 4 turning centers (turning diameter up to 400 mm, length – to 700 mm).


Purchase and launch of a robotic welding system, a centrifugal smoother with an integrated separator and a dryer, as well as an ultrasonic washer with equipment for assessing the cleanliness of metal surfaces.


Completion of the construction of the Research and Development Center in the area of lighting systems.

The impressive development of production infrastructure has been illustrated below.